Click on the Finplan icon to start planning in the cloud.

Ibisco Finplan is available  in the cloud. To use it, you just need Internet access and Username and Password.

Use Finplan easier, faster and everywhere. Forget about installation, updates, upgrades and operating systems. Increase flexibility, mobility, collaboration, quality and reduce your costs.

Click on the FinDrive icon to start managing your Finplan files.

FinDrive is a cloud storage service based on Microsoft Azure cloud platform that lets you store and retrieve files in FinCloud.

Finplan files (Finplan projects, Word and PowerPoint reports, Excel files, PDF files) are saved in cloud disc P:(FinDrive), which is not available as local disk but only over the Internet.

FinDrive enables file management in cloud disc P:(FinDrive) end file exchange of P:(FinDrive) with local disc.